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Space bound and your heart is the moon

My name is Kanami, but most people called me Kazza or Kaz. I am half Japanese and half Chinese :) I am 17. I live on the Gold Coast in Australia, it is one of the best places ever! I have 2 dogs, Chloe and Mischa. My friends are awesome. I love listening to music and watching movies. I don't actually mind reading, if its a good book then I just can't stop :) I love Rookie Blue, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Castle, True Blood, Bones, Modern Family & Once Upon A Time. Sam/Andy, Mer/Der, Hotch/Prentiss, Castle/Beckett & Booth/Brennan rock! Boys Like Girls is my favorite band.

I love making videos and graphics when I have the time because school can get pretty hectic. I also love playing sport, mostly soccer, I love playing team sports because of how much fun you can have. I love watching Rugby League, and I support the Melbourne Storm. Cameron Smith and Billy Slater are my favorite players!

I love drawing, especially Griffiti type works - in my books of course ;) And I also love writing (stories and poems/lyrics I mean), don't know why but it can actually be pretty fun. I love taking photos.

♥Ben Bass
♥Patrick Dempsey
♥Peter Facinelli
♥Cameron Smith
♥Billy Slater
♥Jackson Rathbone
♥Paul DiGiovanni
♥Martin Johnson
♥Matthew Smith
♥Thomas Gibson