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Sam Swarek as a Minion.

Haha. omg. idek.
I was bored.

Sam Swarek - Minion photo SamS-minion_zps1ea4de9d.jpg

McSwarek 4x03 banners

Mcwarek 4x01 banners + wallpaper

[2] McSwarek banners
[1] McSwarek wallpaper

√ Please credit me if you use any
√ It would be cool if you let me know if you take anything

 photo McSwarek4x01-banner1_zpsb2f71397.jpg

 photo McSwarek4x01-banner2_zps1ea56b84.jpg

 photo McSwarek4x01-wallpaper1_zps35c3c284.jpg

Rookie Blue 4x01 icons PART 2


 photo AndyM4x0117_zpsdfe6b8ed.jpg  photo SamS4x0121_zps037f4214.jpg  photo RB4x0110_zpsf35aaddd.jpg  photo McSwarek4x013_zps19d28ef4.jpg

[12] Andy McNally icons
[21] Sam Swarek icons
[4] McSwaarek icons
[13] misc. Rookie blue icons

√ Textless icons are not bases
√ Please credit me if you use any

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Rookie Blue 4x01 icons PART 1

[17] Rookie Blue icons

√ Textless icons are not bases
√ Please credit me if you use any


 photo RB4x017_zps8976cb23.jpg  photo AndyM4x014_zps0de72734.jpg  photo SamS4x011_zpscf7db565.jpg  photo RB4x013_zps1cdab3d9.jpg

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S2 McSwarek icons

Cause I was bored.
[9] McSwarek icons

✓ Please credit me if you take them
✓ Textless icons are not bases!

Thanks x Enjoy.

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Ben Bass/Sam Swarek bookmark

After buying a whole bunch of new books the other day, I realised I didn't even have a bookmark!

Taking matters into my own hands I made my very own Ben/Sam bookmark:

 photo SamSS4-bookmark1_zps4c34b679.jpg

Feel free to print it out and use it for yourself as well!

Intro :)

Hey guys, before you get too far...
Please remember to credit if you use any of my stuff.
And leave a comment as well :) It's always appreciated. Remember DO NOT Hotlink, please save it to your computer and re-upload to an Image Hosting site. Also Textless icons ARE NOT bases!

If I use anything that belongs to you and have not credited, please let me know straight away and I will then credit you!

Oh yeah! Also, if you re-upload my stuff anywhere (eg. Fanpop) then PLEASE let me know! It will be greatly appreciated.

Okay, Im going to stop now, have fun and thanks for visting my page!
Feel free to request anything as well :) Just post a comment somewhere and I'll try get it done.

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